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Radio.sonicnet.com Project—

Radio.sonicnet.com, San Francisco, CA
Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer, Project Manager; Intern: ID&T Cert Program

Client Deliverables

User research
Information architecture
Project management
Interaction design
Case study
Audience analysis
Wire frame mockups
Coordinating events
Client presentations
Brainstorming with group
IA not responsible for maintaining client’s Website

IA/UXD Services

Radio.sonicnet.com was a Website where end users purchase CDs online.

Information architecture consisted of designing interaction design and end user flows that would enable an end user to make purchases online.

Information architecture and interaction design gives the end user easy access to the Website as well as a way out (built-in affordances), when interactions cannot be completed.

Did the interaction design, end user flow, schematic (database operations), wire frame mockups, IA, and IXD research.

Research and development provided high-quality IA concepts for project.

Great team to work on—project was successfully completed.

Due to technologies, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, not everything can be presented here.

Structure for Interface Design

The end user may login to desired Web pages, search database to obtain desired composer, and make purchase the CD online. The main categories consist of:

Channels [pull-down menu]
Show bio and CD
Contact us
Show CD cover
Hear clip
Add to cart

User Flow

Flow chart that shows end user's path

User-Centered Design

This user flow shows the path to get to desired channel (classical music channel). Of course, many other channels one could navigate to on this Website.

Wire Frame Mockup for Interaction Design

rocket.sonicnet.com wfm

Wire Frame Mockup for Interaction Design

rocket.sonicnet.com wfm

User-Centered Design

The CD cover appears here for end user to choose it, making online transaction. The end user may first listen to a clip.

Then end user may make online purchase by clicking on add to cart. Thus, selling the product online was successful.

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