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A few graphic design pieces are displayed online (concept creation, drawing and illustration, typography, photography, design and layout, prepress production, printing, finished products). My extensive hard-copy graphic design portfolios are available upon request.

Graphic Design Portfolio

I have three hard-copy graphic design, typography, and drawing portfolios (online graphic design portfolio is limited to a few samples).

Graphic Design Portfolio.pdf

My Professor, Judith Cornell, City College of San Francisco

Figure 1

Photo credit: November 17, 2009, Satguru Bodhinatha of the Kadavul Hindu Temple in Kauai blessed Judith Cornell with her new Saivite Hindu name Rajita Sivananda. Her dedicated prayers for mankind are immense and forthcoming for every person. I really appreciate all her help, and her everlasting spiritual guidance.

About the author and Professor: Dr. Judith Cornell, Ph.D. (Figure 1), is a renowned art instructor and visionary artist. A pioneer in her field, she leads workshops all over the world on integrating art with psychology, philosophy, science, and spirituality.

Her best selling book Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award in 1995 for publishing excellence, and it was named one of the best books of the year by Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine.

Adjunct professor in the department of East/West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, she lives in Sausalito, California. Previously, she taught design and color theory courses at City College of San Francisco. I enjoyed working with her. She was one of my favorite Professors, and she was an inspiration to us all.

Drawing from the Light Within

an example of her drawing work
Figure 2

A great example of her drawing work. She tells us: This dynamic drawing illustrates very well the use of repetition and size variation of scales. It also demonstrates major and minor movements. Movement is creative visually by the way the sales are carrying your eye in, around, and through the picture plane. The largest scale achieves a feeling of major movement, as it leads your eye into other large scales.

On the lower right side, a small, dark scales are clustered behind the large ribbon of light, creating minor or smaller movements of light. Note that the scales behind this large movement are darker in value than the large scale. This juxtaposition of contrasting value, dark against light, or middle graduation against scales that are darker or light in value—creates an illusion of dimension and depth (Figure 2). I found her expertise on color theory was of great value to me, including a beautiful professional friendship.

Inspirational Quotes from Her Book

In her book, she gives these quotes:
Within a man of light there is light
and he lights the whole world.
When he does not shine, there is darkness.
The Gospel According to Thomas, Log. 24

A perfect path of the Truth has come into being
for our journey to the other shore beyond the darkness.
Rig Veda, I.93.4

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein
All the quotes in her book are very inspirational and very metaphysical. It gives an artist inspiration and helps in the creative process.

My Professor, Tom White, California College of the Arts

Tom White, Professor, CCA, drawing course
Figure 3

Photo credit: Mark Niebauer
Associate Professor, Tom White
Pentagon verses Hexagon
June 6, 2005

About the drawing Professor: Tom White, Associate Professor (Figure 3) at California College of the Arts; he did his undergraduate work at Cranbrook Academy of Art and graduate degrees from U.C. Berkeley.

I was reviewed first and received the highest “A” in drawing course. His feedback to me in oral communication, during class was: “You draw like Picasso.”

I am very thankful to this very demanding Professor—he made me work hard—while other students put up 1 or 2 or 4 drawings on the board for review. I always put up at least a 100 drawings for review.

I enjoyed working with this Professor, since he was such a fantastic designer and art director. He was also another one of my favorite Professors.

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