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Andelaprimo Winery Project—

Andelaprimo Winery, San Francisco, CA
Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer, Project Manager; Intern: ID&T Cert Program

Client Deliverables

User research
Information architecture
Project management
Interaction design
Case study
User scenarios
Wire frame mockups
Flow chart/site map
Online prototype of wire frame mockups
HTML coding
Coordinating events
Client presentations
Brainstorming with group
IA not responsible for maintaining client’s Website

IA/UXD Services

Project was the development and implementation of a Website for a small, family owned winery.

Documentation defined the parameters for this project in terms of: objectives, strategies, and target audiences.

This serves as the foundation for the information architecture and Web design for this project.

Documentation consisted of data collected from end users and their user scenarios.

Great team to work on—project was successfully completed.

Due to technologies, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, not everything can be presented here.

Structure for Interface Design

The main navigational system consists of five main categories that help the end user to get quick service.

View cart
Wish list
Your account
Contact us

Six main categories are underneath the other categories. These two main navigational systems remain on each page.

About us
Wine shop
Olive oil shop
User login
Meal planner and calendar

Interaction Design for Site Map

andel winery flow chart

Explanation of Flow Chart—Interaction Design.pdf

Wire Frame Mockup for Online Prototype

Andelaprimo's home page pic

Wire Frame Mockup for Online Prototype

Andelaprimo's sub page pic

Wire Frame Mockup for Online Prototype for PDA

Andelaprimo's home page pic for PDA

Wire Frame Mockup for Online Prototype for PDA

Andelaprimo's sub page pic for PDA

User-Centered Design

These main categories were placed on top to provide a clear path of navigation for the end user, as well as enable quick access to information, and making online purchases.

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Steven Heitman
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