IA Design & Usability: Steven Heitman, Sr. User/Design Researcher, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Testing, Director

Sr. User/Design Researcher / Information Architect Specialist

User Experience Designer


Synopsis of Programs (Cont’d.)

Professional Qualifications

Additional Information

Undergraduate Degrees
College of Liberal and Creative Arts
School of Design Undergraduate Program
Graphic Design Department

BAIA Focus

The BAIA program is an interdisciplinary design program in graphic design and typography that also included an individualized university program and major/emphasis in:

User/design research, visual communication, product design and development, industrial technology, which provided the designer with an opportunity to develop an individualized course of study in the areas of general design studies and user/design research, visual communication design, user-centered design, information architecture, navigation design, usability testing, user experience design, technical communications, Web design and management, project/product management, and technology—geared for high-tech employment.

BAIA Unique Major

While I originally majored in graphic communications and graphic design, within the interdisciplinary educational and approved constraints of the BAIA program, I specialized in:

User/design research, information architecture, navigation systems design, user experience design, Website design and management, Adobe Creative Suite, computer/Web programming (HTML, Dreamweaver), interaction design, user-centered design, drafting and sketching, animation, multimedia production, project/product management, and technology.

Given my educational background and additional courses, all the many degrees and certificates, the BAIA program equates out to be a double major in graphic design and information architecture, including user experience design, interaction design, and usability testing; internships successfully completed.

BAIA Campus

San Francisco State University, Design & Industry Department

San Francisco State University, Design & Industry Department

The BAIA program at San Francisco State University provided great courses—very specific to-the-point-relevant curricula (from all the varied design undergraduate programs and the MAIA program)—for doing:

User/design research, information architecture, navigation systems design, user experience design, user experience architecture, interface design, user-centered design, social media, usability testing, and project/product management. I enjoyed doing all my projects and working with many excellent Professors.

Thesis Report: HTML Editors—Their Practical Use in Web Design (41 pp.), including multiple presentations. About HTML coding, doing it from scratch versus using an HTML editor, like Dreamweaver or BBEdit.

Additional user/design research taken from internships and professional work experience, accomplished successfully in the real world from projects.

San Francisco State University

BFA Focus

The BFA Graphic Design program at the—California College of the Arts—includes the design of complex visuals such as maps, charts, diagrams, and navigational systems. This requires a tight focus on verbal content, typographic details, aesthetic consistency, how the communication will be used, and who its audience will be.

CCA graphic design program

CCA graphic design program

BFA Program

Introduction to Graphic Design at California College of the Arts

BAIA Exhibit Design

Introduction to Design Program at
San Francisco State University



College Accreditation

Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC-ACSCU)


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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability

Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
Product Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Technical Writer
Corporate Trainer
Project/Product Manager

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