IA Design & Usability: Steven Heitman, Sr. User/Design Researcher, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Testing, Director

Sr. User/Design Researcher / Information Architect Specialist

User Experience Designer


Program for Information Architects and
User Experience Designers

Worked successfully with protégés, as a mentor, through the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) organization; https://iainstitute.org.

Mentoring extends into user/design research, information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, user-centered design, usability testing, project/product management, team leadership, directoring; consulting, résumé development, interviewing, reviewing projects, and portfolio development.



  1. Please fill out the required Mentor Program Survey (Protégé Registration Survey) to participate in the Mentoring Program.

  2. Please return the required Mentoring Form to me.

  3. Please get a LinkedIn account, and send me an invitation to connect with you.

  4. If you do not fill out the required survey and provide all the requested items to me, I will not be able to respond back to you.

  5. Please include your most current cover letter and résumé (required).

  6. Please include your essay (1-2 pp.) about why you think I should mentor you—be specific and give the details about your goals and objectives—what you want to learn from the experience (required). Please review the handouts listed below (required).

    Why should I mentor you?
Mentoring is specifically for User/Design Researchers, Information Architects, User Experience Designers, Interaction Designers, Project/Product Managers, Usability Testers, Directors, including other protégés wanting to be mentored—if you work in a related career path, like computer/Web programming, technical writing, or graphic design. Thank you.

Mentoring Form.pdf

Brief Articles

Am I an Information Architect?.pdf
What Is Information Architecture?.pdf

Quote from Ms. Patkar’s LinkedIn Endorsement

 I came to know Steven Heitman through the Information Architecture Institute’s mentoring program where he is my mentor. His insightful comments and practical advice has helped me improve my portfolio significantly. Steven is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about IA and always answered all my questions very promptly and in great detail. He would definitely be a valuable contributor to any project. 
Ms. Patkar, M.S.
Information Architect
User Experience Designer

Quote from Ms. Corman’s LinkedIn Endorsement

 Steven [ Heitman ] advised me as a mentor through IA Institute. I valued his expertise and insight; his advice was consistently practical, and helped me to view my portfolio with a fresh eye. He was thoughtful, patient, generous with his time, and I learned so much about IA and design in the time we worked together. 
Ms. Corman, M.L.S.
Information Architect
User Experience Designer

Recommended Reading

Recommended reading on user research, information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, interface design, user-centered design, graphic design, usability testing, computer/Web programming, HTML5 & CSS3, introduction to computer/Web programming, technical writing, editing, ADDIE Model, corporate training, instructional design, e-learning, and project/product management.

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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability

Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
Product Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Technical Writer
Corporate Trainer
Project/Product Manager

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