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Steinway Piano Preference

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My preference is for a Hamburg Steinway piano. As an artist and concert pianist, I prefer the action and tone in the bass—in perfect tune—superb. If the Steinway is not in perfect tune, I cannot perform on it.

Steinway piano 1917

Steinway piano 1917

I do prefer a Steinway piano to practice on. This is an example of a fine Steinway grand piano: Steinway, Model O, 1917, entirely rebuilt by Steinway in New York; Figures 12.1 and 12.2, including the action on a Steinway piano, with new strings, and new chrome tuning pins; Figure 12.3 and Figure 12.4—very nice!

This 5’ 10 ¾” (180cm) Steinway grand piano has been a source of joy and inspiration since the very early 1900’s. Its sound is particularly warm and rich—far beyond what one would expect from a grand piano that is under 6 feet in length. The Steinway shown in the photographs was made in 1917 and rebuilt. In fact, a Steinway grand piano has 12,116 genuine Steinway parts; Figures 12.5 and 12.6.

Steinway piano 1917
Figure 12.1

Steinway piano 1917
Figure 12.2

Steinway 1917 grand piano action
Figure 12.3

Steinway 1917 strings
Figure 12.4

Steinway D top view  without lid
Figure 12.5

Hamburg Steinway D concert grand
Figure 12.6

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