IA Design & Usability: Steven Heitman, Sr. User/Design Researcher, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Testing, Director

Sr. User/Design Researcher / Information Architect Specialist

User Experience Designer


Synopsis of Program (Cont’d.)

Professional Qualifications

Additional Information

Undergraduate Degree
School of Fine, Applied, and Communication Arts

AS & AA Focus


We are living in an information society—surrounded by an ever-increasing barrage of words, images and sounds. The role of the graphic designer is to shape this information in a meaningful way, visualizing and communicating ideas in the most engaging manner possible.

The Graphic Design major was created to provide designers with a strong foundation in the fundamental aspects of the designer’s art; internship successfully completed.

From this program, I concentrated on the fundamentals of graphic design and graphic communications, typography, branding, layout. Extending into design research, brainstorming, design ideation and planning, drawing, prepress production, Adobe softwares, other softwares, extensive graphic design and communications projects, working with real clients on real-world projects, and project-design management.

I did a very robust vocational training program at CCSF, in a computerized (Mac) environment, which prepared designers for working at design firms, and project/product management positions.

The program teaches designers to be design savvy, creative, diligent, forthcoming, professional, and productive. Working on real-world design projects prepares one for working in the real world, since meeting deadlines and working with clients professionally is required. Because it was a vocational training program in graphic design and typography (prepress production, printing, press checks, finishing, multiple softwares), hands-on skills are immediately learned and put into practice, working with clients.

AS & AA Post Graduation

After graduating from the CCSF program, I was accepted to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); management program. Also, I┬áspent about 3-plus years at CSSF, before going to the university (approximately 80 units; academic standing: good standing; additional standing: dean’s list).

I was accepted into RIT after graduating from CCSF.

Though I went to the university in San Francisco, it better met my academic needs and already established career path of graphic design and information architecture. I was honored by the fact that I have been accepted into a few Ivy League universities, including Brown University.

The university in San Francisco had a more flexible academic and vocational training program, including established articulation agreements. It enabled me to do a better well-rounded-individualized Information Architect (IA) and design major, in my chosen career path at SFSU, extending into user experience design, and project/product management.

AS & AA Campus

CCSF, graphic communications program



The AS & AA program at City College of San Francisco provided great courses—very specific to-the-point-relevant curricula—for doing:

Graphic design research, graphic communications, graphic design, typography, design and layout, color theory, drawing, Adobe softwares, prepress production, finishing, management, printing, and graphic design internships.

I enjoyed doing all my projects and working with many excellent Professors (many of my fine Professors were alumni of the California College of the Arts, Graphic Design Department).



College Accreditation

Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC-ACSCU)


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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability

Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
Product Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Technical Writer
Corporate Trainer
Project/Product Manager

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