IA Design & Usability: Steven Heitman, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager,  Usability Expert

User/Design Researcher / Information Architect Specialist

User Experience Designer

Synopsis of Skills

My professional qualifications and skills are unique, with regard to my skills and expertise in user/design research, Information Architecture, user experience design, user-centered design, management, and usability testing.

User/design research and brainstorming events, adding value to your organization. Designing products with built-in affordances and a variety of deliverables, mapping and diagramming.

Statistically speaking, following Information Architecture procedures as well as doing usability testing, user-centered design improves performance for digital design products or Websites. This practice increases profit margins. If end users cannot use a product, they will not use it.

Structure Adds Usability

Developing digital structures and wayfinding, building and implementing, organizing information and conceptual brainstorming events—doing design research—this helps to make online products easier to use.

Systematic Approach

The significance and great importance of Information Architecture and user experience design—it provides needed structure for digital design products and Websites and user-centered design, making information technology usable.

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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
User-Centered Designer
User/Design Researcher
Project/Product Manager