IA Design & Usability; Steven Heitman, MAIA, MAEd, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Project Manager

User/Design Researcher / Information Architect Specialist

User Experience Designer

IA/UXD Projects

National Center for Youth Law Project—

National Center for Youth Law, San Francisco, CA
Information Architect (IA), Project/Product Manager, Graduate Teacher’s Assistant; Intern: MAIA & BAIA Programs

My Role & Client Deliverables

Information architecture
Project management
Research and development
Case study
User scenarios
Matrix of navigational systems
Wire frame mockups
Flow chart/site map
Web design production (Dreamweaver, BBEdit)
HTML coding
Coordinating events
Client presentations
Brainstorming with group
Templates and forms
IA not responsible for maintaining client’s Website

IA/UXD Services

Worked extensively with client on developing original information architecture for their new Website.

IA project successfully completed and implemented.

Did high-quality HTML coding from scratch.

Worked in a team environment.

Motivated team to finish work on time and within constraints of project.

Led team, did supervisory work.

Great team to work on—project was successfully completed.

Due to technologies, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, not everything can be presented here.

IA Structure

The main navigational system consists of ten main categories that are included on every Web page. Providing consistent information architecture is important to this Website’s structure, end users can easily acquire the information online. A wire frame mockup shows the Web page design.

What’s new
Who we are
What we do
How you can help
Current publications
Annual report
YLC cases
Contact YLC


Flow Chart/Site Map

YLC  flow chart

Wire Frame Mockup

ylc wire frame mockup

Wire Frame Mockup

ylc wire frame mockup

Final Product—Website

YLC final product Website

Final Product—Website

YLC final product Website

User-Centered Design

The main categories are arranged to enable the end user to wayfind, so that the end user can find information on the National Center for Youth Law Website—quick and easy access, including fast download—makes it way easier for end users to use it.

IA/UXD Projects

Information Architect (IA)/UXD Skills

If you desire to learn more about my professional, Senior Information Architect¬†(IA) Specialization, skills, and unique qualifications for employment, refer to résumé.

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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability

User/Design Researcher

Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Project/Product Manager

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