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Information Architect Specialist / User Experience Designer



Senior Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer, User Researcher, Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Tester, Director

Numerous endorsements and recommendations—speak about my professional qualifications as an architect-designer—results-driven, hands-on skills with a systematic success-driven approach!

Excellent Letters of Recommendations

The many excellent testimonials are from original authenticated letters of recommendations, including LinkedIn endorsements. These letters range from years of being successfully employed, including many letters from previous supervisors—about 30-plus high-quality recommendations and evaluations.

To the point, employers are very pleased with my professional performance and expertise as a Senior Information Architect (IA) Specialist, user experience designer, user researcher, including management and team leadership skills.

These letters demonstrate professional proficiency and expertise in my chosen line of work. Many other letters are from subject matter experts, as well as Professors, including hiring managers.



 Steven mentored me and assisted me in producing high-quality hard-copy portfolios. I was impressed by his creative suggestions about organizing, developing, and producing portfolios. His educational background/majors are in information architecture and user experience design and management, including technical writing. Two theses reports on information architecture, navigation systems design, and usability testing; his ability to understand the entire cycle for developing digital products is comprehensive. Steven is an expert in his chosen field of information architecture, user-centered design, user experience design, prototyping, and usability testing. His skills are definitely an asset to potential employers and hiring managers. While his educational background is beyond the norm, it makes him more qualified in his chosen field. I recommend him without any reservations. Your organization and teammates would surely benefit from having him on their teams. A very mature and personable person, he is able to successfully deliver projects. His information architect/experience design and user research skills are an asset and very insightful. Since his user/design research is valuable, he applies critical thinking skills coupled with research on projects. In the long run, it benefits all end users and digital design products. These are all excellent reasons why you should hire him, since his qualifications and expertise qualify him! 

Dr. Avant, Ed.D.


 Steven was my student at City College of SF for CNIT 132 class - Intermediate HTML & CSS and he demonstrated to be a very dedicated and detail-oriented person. He came to the class with a very nice background in design and got the chance to sharpen his HTML & CSS code according to standards. 

Ms. DaSilva, B.A., M.A.
(Electronic Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Technology;
Adult Education, Distance Learning)
Web Dev Full-time Instructor at CCSF, Adjunct Faculty IVC;
President of RC Promotions, Inc.; Director of DV Futsal


 Steven is an expert researcher, user experience designer, information architect, and navigation systems designer. His skills extend largely and deeply into information architecture, navigation systems design, usability testing, user-centered design principles and application, mentoring, managing, and effectively directing. Being naturally a self-starter and able to work without supervision, he gets projects done without a problem. Steven is able to build and lead teams, successfully envision successful design solutions, deploy excellent design-architect strategies that encompass various phases of design research, efficient prototyping (paper based or using Axure), HTML5/CSS3 coding, insightful leadership skills, including significant usability testing application and expertise. Steven’s undergraduate-level and graduate-level degrees in information architecture, user experience design, management has indeed completely prepared him for specific work in his chosen industry. His many years of design research in information architecture, user-centered design experience, and original design research are an asset to any potential employer. Because he is an expert with an excellent track record, he will go far in his chosen career path as an information architect, user experience designer, and director of user experiences. 

Mr. Hule, B.A. (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Lead Software Quality Assurance Analyst at FindLaw/Thomson Reuters


 Steven is a wonderful person. He taught me lots of great stuff about User Experience Design (UXD), User Information (UI), and Information Architecture (IA). I’ve known him for a few years. He is very detail oriented, and he helped me on reviewing my portfolio. I do recommend Steven as being an expert in User Interface Design, User Experience Design, and a solid Information Architect. 

Mr. Ng, B.A., Cert. (Digital Communication; Media/Multimedia)
Account Management Specialist at TechSoup Global


 Steven left no doubt regarding his information architect, user experience designer, mentor, director, expertise and skills. After an online prototype of my website [refer to LinkedIn Profile] was finished, I consulted with Steven regarding user-centered design and usability issues. He assisted me in doing a brief competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation, navigational systems design, Web page layout, wireframe mockups, typography and design, search engine optimization (SEO), HTML5 and CSS3, organization, labeling, and interface design. His input was valuable and immediately brought successful and fast improvements for user-centered design, interaction design, overall consistency, and interface design. No doubt, far beyond question, surely these improvements in user-centered design would increase usability and ability for a profitable e-commerce Website. His ability to communicate exhibited an excellent level of people skills, a sincere desire to assist others in a helpful respectful manner, high IQ for developing awesome digital design products, insightful management acumen, and in full command of his expertise as an information architect and director. I would recommend him for employment opportunities in his chosen field—an expert information architect and director. 

Feedback and Evaluation—Synopsis

 Very briefly, Mr. Heitman did an excellent job in all the areas mentioned and performed professionally at an excellent level as an Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Researcher, Mentor, Director. This is just a brief synopsis of my feedback and evaluation report (included with the letter of recommendation). All in all, I am very pleased with his performance and can only recommend him to future employers. ...expert Information Architect as he really understood how to organize.... ...expert User Experience Designer, Researcher, as he understood how to...make it easier for the end-user. ...he is a very good Mentor and Director.... After having worked together with Mr. Heitman for two months (ongoing project) and having experienced such a great progress (regarding my website) during that time, I can really recommend Mr. Heitman to any future employer without any hesitation. 

Ms. Vergossen, B.A.Sc.
Inhaberin bei familymeetsstudent UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


 Steven is not only an expert information architect and user experience designer, but is a gifted communicator and writer. He is smart, kind-hearted, and connects well with people. He is a hard-worker, fast learner, quick decision maker. He is able to handle any job opportunity doing—information architecture, user experience design, management, mentor, director—with sheer determination, skill, professionalism, and grace. 

Ms. Cohn, B.A.
Primary/Secondary Education


 I found Mr. Heitman’s knowledge base about information architecture and user-centered design to be deeper than the others with whom I chatted concerning my needs. Mr. Heitman is quite detail oriented. His knowledge of usability testing would make him an asset to other employers. 

Dr. Gartner, Ph.D.
Concert Pianist


 Steven has been consulting with me on some new ideas for my website(s). We’re still in the preliminary stages, but he’s been very helpful in determining an approach to properly set things up and make the website more user friendly. 

Mr. Graham, L.Ac.


 He’s a self-starter, creative asset, personable, mature, and honest. When he starts a job, he completes all of his tasks successfully and on time. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get things done right. He cares about the quality of his work product—his information architecture conceptual designs and designs—his main focus these many years, doing Information Architecture and User Experience Design are excellent and on target. 

Mr. Heyob, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.
Traditional Oriental Medicine


 …he has impressed me at his interest and drive in understanding Web design and interaction, including Information Architecture. He provided me with some very clear, well-written analysis and feedback for my Website. This feedback was helpful in both small details and in refining the overall goals of the Website. His broad range of experience and in-depth education would be a great addition to helping any project move forward. 

Mr. Domurat, B.F.A.
Product Interaction Designer
Human Factors Engineer


 Steven has all of the necessary skills to work professionally as an information architect, interaction designer, project manager, technical writer, graphic designer, art director, instructional designer, teacher, or in any related field. Steven has strong analytical and reasoning skills far above the average students I have worked with over the years in my teaching career.

I can provide you with an excellent and high recommendation for Steven because he is an asset to any company he works for in a job. …a successful information architect, project manager, technical writer, instructional designer or in other positions at any company. His work for me included research, technical writing, creating blueprints, and communicating his information architectural concepts. Steven’s oral and written communication skills are above average—especially his ability to formulate and analyze complex materials for information architecture, interaction design, or related fields. Since his achievements are tremendous and above average, I absolutely recommend Steven without any reservation for any position given his skills (full-time position or any internship). To discuss his qualifications, please call me at my office…. 

Dr. Quita, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
San Francisco State University


 I am happy to be able to send a top recommendation along with Steven Heitman for the future job position he chooses to pursue. During Steven’s employment at Solar Turbines, Inc., I found him to be a conscientious and productive worker as well as mature and personable. I would unreservedly recommend him and am confident he will be an asset to any company he joins. 

Ms. Jones, B.A., Diploma
CATERPILLAR Solar Turbines Incorporated


 I came to know Steven Heitman through the Information Architecture Institute’s mentoring program where he is my mentor. His insightful comments and practical advice has helped me improve my portfolio significantly. Steven is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about IA and always answered all my questions very promptly and in great detail. He would definitely be a valuable contributor to any project. 

Ms. Patkar, M.S.
Information Architect
User Experience Designer


 Steven advised me as a mentor through IA Institute. I valued his expertise and insight; his advice was consistently practical, and helped me to view my portfolio with a fresh eye. He was thoughtful, patient, generous with his time, and I learned so much about IA and design in the time we worked together. 

Ms. Corman, M.L.S.
Information Architect
User Experience Designer


 During his internship, he project managed his teammates developing timelines and project scopes for each of the deliverables: a brochure, press kit, and online tutorial. As a technical writer, he interviewed community members, wrote, edited, and designed our marketing materials…. He was always on time for meetings and participated at a professional level. I found him to be a mature individual, self-starter and able to do the work as a technical writer, editor, project manager. 

Mr. Pedroza, B.B.S.
ParkScan Technical Services and Outreach Coordinator
Neighborhood Parks Council


 I have known Mr. Heitman for about seven years. I served as his academic counselor during his undergraduate years (BA-1999; 3.5 cum gpa and 3.78 SFSU gpa)…. Mr. Heitman is a special individual. He is very intelligent, articulate, and a personable, mature young man. He is multi-faceted in his talents and skills, given his educational and work background. 

Mr. Reyes, B.A.
Academic Counselor
San Francisco State University


 The Youth Law Center is indeed indebted to Steven Heitman for all his hard work as the project manager and his knowledge of information design [Information Architecture; Information Architect internship]. If not for Steven’s involvement with our website, we would not have as comprehensive a site as we now have. 

Ms. Yee, M.A.
National Center for Youth Law


 Steven also learns fast as demonstrated by his performance…. 

Ms. Bryant
Legal Assistant Group
Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro


 I have had the pleasure of working with Steven Heitman on several occasions. I am most impressed with his skills and his ability to tackle a project. In addition, I am impressed with the pleasure he takes in his work. I would highly recommend him for any position. 

Ms. Gwinn, B.A.
Information Systems Manager
Ogilvy & Mather Direct


 His work in his Thesis Report and detailed analysis, instructional design goals and objectives, and online IA tutorial are on target. The Tutorial works well for delivery of instructional materials…. 

Ms. Descalso, B.A.
Writer, Editor


 Through analysis of the researcher’s work, it is congruent with my experiences in regard to using Websites. The researcher’s knowledge base of Information Architecture, usability testing, and navigational systems speaks to the importance, significance, of user-centered design. Steven’s research is extremely coherent, valid, and valuable regarding Information Architecture concepts and inventions on navigational systems. 

Ms. Jacobs, B.A.
Chief Executive Officer
Product Designer 


 I’m really impressed with the site. It’s got a very professional look and feel to it. I’m impressed by the strong visual/graphic contrast. It helps to differentiate areas of the tutorial. I also liked that you employed an engaging and reassuring writing style. It fits with the intended audience. It’s a smart move, because the subject matter and the scope of the tutorial could be perceived as a little intimidating to a beginner. For someone like me, who has little to no experience with this subject matter, the writing style was comforting. I felt at ease embarking on the tutorial. Nice work. Really well done! 

Mr. Angelo, B.A.T.P.W.
Oracle (previously at Sun Microsystems)
Technical Writer


 Great stuff! 

Ms. Buda, M.D.
Director of User Experience
Senior Information Architect
Managing Director
Navigation Arts


 Steven has made a serious, thorough study of Information Architecture, experience design, and usability. He applies his past experience in related fields intelligently and has worked hard to develop his expertise in his chosen field. As Steven’s mentor through the IA Institute, I have been impressed by his dedication and tireless efforts to improve and grow as a designer of user experiences. 

Mr. Crumlish, A.B.
Director of Technology
Senior Information Architect
User Experience Designer
The Information Architecture Institute



Dr. Beatty, Ph.D.
Dr. Michaels, Ph.D.
Dr. Hemphill, Ed.D.
Dr. Cheng, Ph.D.
Dr. Gates, Ed.D.
Dr. Dierke, Ed.D.

Systematic Approach

Using The IA Model: Working successfully and professionally as a Senior Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer (UXD), user researcher, interface designer, navigation systems designer, and usability tester—projects require numerous deliverables and accomplishing tangible milestones and deliverables for clients. I work with clients to achieve successful outcomes. It has been my experience, working professionally, that a systematic approach produces higher-quality projects and their final outcomes.

I think, though, I found this process to be extremely relevant information architect/user experience design/navigation systems design theory actualized—put into professional practice on real-world projects and tested. It has been my vast and great experience to use this method. It has never lacked to produce the right sort of results. The many letters of recommendations speak to my expertise and being a subject matter expert.

I strongly feel The IA Model and The NS Model are relevant models—that support being a professional information architect, user experience designer, usability engineer, product designer, and product manager practitioner. It also helps to successfully manage projects—from their inception and concept generation—to successfully delivering the final product to clients or customers. The theory supports knowledge performance. It incredibly enhances performance levels for both my clients and me—evidence-based research—and very pragmatic.

Steven Heitman, Sr. Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager

Steven Heitman
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Project Manager


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