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Currently available—February 1, 2018—taking appointments for interviews for full-time permanent employment.

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My bio provides relevant details about information architect, user experience design, user/design research expertise—subject matter expert.

Major Details
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Seeking full-time permanent employment—Senior User Researcher (UX), Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer (UXD), Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Tester, Director—results-driven, hands-on skills with a systematic success-driven approach for doing:

User/design research
Concept generation
Wire frames
Usability testing
System testing
Navigation design
Interface design
User-centered design
Card Sorting
Task analysis
Successful projects


Professional Work Experience

User/design research, senior information architect and designer since 1998, extending deep into user experience design, interaction design, use case scenarios, mobile user experience, complex applications/Websites, intranet information architecture, IA Model, NS Model, design patterns, heuristic evaluations, usability testing—design/plans and reports—management, and taking a systematic approach on projects with measurable results.

Corporate Trainer/Instructional Designer

ADDIE Model, cognitive psychology, technical writing, editing, document design, visual and Web-based designs, performance assessment, and e-learning.

Computer/Web Programming

Mac, Windows OS; Adobe Creative Suite—InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver; Adobe Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Distiller; BBEdit; Aptana Studio 3.

HTML, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript, Java, UNIX, Apache; SEO; OmniGraffle, Visio; MS Office, MS Project, OmniPlan.

Axure RP—rapid prototyping, annotated wire frames—and other IA/UXD deliverables.

Project/Product Management

Determining goals, objectives for successful outcome on team projects. Understanding milestones, keeping deliverables, projects on time—negotiating, outsourcing, managing projects, in-house experience design groups—able to build a cohesive team of information architects, other required team members, and mentoring.

Team Leadership

Deliverables and projects successfully completed—dependable, flexible, productive, conscientious—easy to work with on diverse teams in agile environments, demonstrated effective team leadership, excellent communication, and strategic planning.


HTML5/CSS3 (AX/CCSF), IA/UXD, HCI, user-centered design—with Dr. Nielsen, Ph.D.—eye tracking, heat maps, design-plan-testing reports, and usability testing; Google Design Sprint.


Curricula specific to IA/UXD; education, degrees; IA Certifications.



Senior Information Architect Specialist, User Experience Designer, User Researcher, Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Tester, Director (Consultant)

IA Design & Usability, San Francisco, CA (1994-Present)

A unique company specializing specifically in user/design research, information architecture and user experience design—relevant solutions.

Steven Heitman, Sr. Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager

Steven Heitman
User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer


User/design research
Information Architect
User experience design
User experience architect
Interaction design
Navigation systems design
User-centered design
Human-computer interaction
Rapid prototyping
Axure RP
Adobe Creative Suite
Project/product manager
Technical writer
Usability testing

User-Centered Design Skills

Designing and using all my skills produce superior products.

Components for Products.pdf

What I Do—
Extensive User-Centered Research Design on Projects

Doing user/design research, I take a systematic approach for doing IA/UXD that encompasses the full life cycle for successfully completing research and IA/UXD deliverables on projects—The IA Model—relevant design patterns established coherently in user-centered design.

I evangelize and demonstrate what any user needs as their primary source for improving productivity on products and shaping a superior design improvement for end users.

What I Do.pdf

MAEd Graduate Degree—Curriculum

Specialized for doing:

User/Design Research,
Information Architecture,
Interaction Design,
Navigation Systems Design,
User Experience Design, User-Centered Design, Usability Testing

MAEd Synopsis of Dissertation: 759 pp. and 60 pp. (HTML and Paper-Based/Oral Presentations), including Annotated Bibliography, Glossary, Syllabus, and Online IA Tutorial/Model

An Online Tutorial for Instructional Designers
to Learn about
Information Architecture

While I successfully completed this graduate-level program, I also successfully completed the
TPW Cert. (equivalent to the BATPW) in the Technical & Professional Writing program, in conjunction with the MAEd.

Graduate College of Education
Instructional Technologies Graduate Program
Professional Studies

 The curriculum covers cognitive and learning theories, needs assessment, instructional design models and strategies, visual and web-based designs, information architecture, usability testing, knowledge and performance assessment, and project management. 

Dr. Hyun, Ph.D., Harvard University,
assisted with relevant research parameters.

Other contributing Professors for both the MAIA and MAEd (combined graduate-level programs and previous information architecture, interaction design, user experience design, design research incorporated from the MAIA dissertation) and final dissertation for the MAEd program were:

Dr. Beatty, Ph.D.,
Dr. Michaels, Ph.D.,
Dr. Hemphill, Ed.D.,
Dr. Foreman, Ph.D.,
Dr. Cheng, Ph.D.,
Dr. Gates, Ed.D., and
Dr. Dierke, Ed.D.

Internships successfully completed in the college, university programs.

MAIA Graduate Degree—Curriculum

Specialized for doing:

User/Design Research,
Information Architecture,
Interaction Design,
Navigation Systems Design,
User Experience Design, User-Centered Design, Usability Testing

MAIA Synopsis of Dissertation: 195 pp. and 30/40 pp. (HTML and Paper-Based/Oral Presentations), and Online NS Tutorial/Model

An Online Tutorial for Digital-Media Designer
to Learn about Web
Navigational Systems

Prior to the
MAIA graduate-degree program, the BAIA undergraduate program in user/design research, information architecture, user experience design, interaction design, user-centered design, and usability testing—prepared me well for the MAIA graduate DESIGN SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY program and professional work.

After the MAIA graduate program, I appropriately enhanced and further developed my very focused user/design research skills, information architect, user experience design, interaction design, production, computer/Web programming, technical writing, and management skills—with the
hands-on vocational training program for the ID&T Cert. (Internet Design & Technology Certificate of Completion).

Internships successfully completed in the college, university programs.

College of Liberal & Creative Arts
School of Design Graduate Program
Professional Studies

 The program is designed for students who want to pursue professional work in design firms, teaching, project management, strategic planning for design firms, or management roles in technology. We emphasize problem-solving competencies, both conceptual and practical. Students in the program study visual communication design and product design with an interdisciplinary perspective. Students with a wide range of backgrounds work with a graduate advisor to design an MA program that meets their career goals. Based upon focused research into a chosen design problem, students develop a specialized area of study in graphic design/visual communication design, [information architecture/user experience design/interaction design], product design/manufacturing, industrial technology, project management, or digital media. Many students prepare for doctoral work at other institutions. 

Dr. Iandoli, Ed.D., Harvard University,
assisted with relevant research parameters.

The School of Design is an inclusive learning environment that promotes creativity and scholarship, and mirrors the wide range of cultural, artistic and scholarly interests in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Major/Emphasis: Information Architecture (IA) & Design



The university and college programs and degrees successfully completed, provided a strong and formidable-robust major/emphasis in:

User/design research, information architecture, user experience design, user experience architecture, interaction design, computer/Web programming, user-centered design, graphic design, typography, technical writing, instructional design, corporate training, cognitive psychology, ADDIE Model, management, and usability testing.

TPW Cert.
ID&T Cert.


My Professor Krasoff was endorsed by Arthur Rubinstein and many other prominent concert pianists; studied with many other excellent classical piano performance Professors, including my mother—The Juilliard School.



Epsilon Pi Tau
Golden Key National Honor Society
Award of Achievement

Design Patterns

Research revealed relevant design patterns.

The IA Model
The NS Model


It makes the user/design research and IA/IXD/UXD process easier to comprehend. In the long run, user-centered design immensely improves online products and products for end users.

IA/UXD research design process

Relevant Components


about information architecture org

We work to make the world’s information clearer and easier to use by improving how people learn, practice, and teach information architecture, including user experience design, and experience design research (based on user-centered design for end users).

IA Mentoring


IA Expert
IA Reviews

User/Design Research

IA Process
IA Components
IA Resources


The Information Architecture Institute
User Experience Professionals Association


Gist of hard-copy and online portfolios are relevant to:

User/design research, IA/UXD, interaction design, use case scenarios, navigation design, design patterns, interface design, rapid prototyping, IA/UXD deliverables, Web design and management, IA Model, NS Model, user-centered design, graphic design, typography, technical writing, case studies, corporate training, instructional design, ADDIE Model, systematic design of instruction, psychology of learning for instruction, theories of learning and instruction, learning and behavior, learning and cognition, cognitive psychology, e-learning, management, and usability testing projects.

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Steven Heitman
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