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Information Architect Specialist / User Experience Designer


Details about being a—user-centered designer—information architect and user experience designer subject matter expert.



My profile gives all the details about my professional qualifications, education, expertise, and what I offer to a potential employer. I have been an information architect since 1998. To date, I have accomplished a variety of successful projects. I start projects by doing user research and user experience design, including usability testing.

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Profile: I architect and design experiences...

Steven Heitman
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Project Manager

What I Do

This is an introduction to what I do and various white papers about user-centered design, information architecture, user experience design, user experience architecture, and usability testing; it also relates to how these components fit into the business intelligence model.

What I Do.pdf

Additional White Papers

If you need a subject matter expert, call upon Steven Heitman.

IA/UXD The IA Model.pdf
IA/UXD Navigation Systems Design.pdf
IA/UXD Twenty-One Aspects of IA.pdf
IA/UXD Internet—What Is It?.pdf
Need for IA.pdf

Site Map—Brief

Easy wayfinding, using the main navigation system on my Website:

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Ready to Interview with You

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My major at the university is specific to my chosen career path.


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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Project Manager