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The project was to design a multimedia presentation. The piece was created in Astound, including voiceover, original illustrations, art direction, and detailed animations.

I developed a storyboard and script prior to creating it in Astound. The purpose of this piece was to explain a few basic functions of Photoshop.

These software programs were used for the production of this piece:

Adobe Creative Suite and Astound


The challenge was to communicate to end users about the different functions of Photoshop, and how to use Photoshop as a tool to create design products.

Result—High-Quality Multimedia Piece

Over a period of four months, the team (three graphic designers) worked to develop and implement a multimedia presentation. The original digital file did not translate into a file that could be used on the Internet.

Slide 1

There are four layers. They slide in and out from left to right. The word image fades out, using the pond ripple effect.

The narration: Adobe Photoshop 3.0—a brief tutorial.

slide 1


Slide 2 of 1

The text slides out.

slide 2 of 1


Slide 2 of 2

The narration: imagine yourself in a fantasy world that becomes reality.

slide 2 of 2


Slide 3

The elements slide out. The arrow does rotation and fades in same time as other elements.

The narration: the marquee tool makes quick selections.

Image not online.


Slide 4

The elements slide out in equal time.

The narration: the commands palette...a great feature in Photoshop.

slide 4


Slide 5

The elements slide out in equal time.

The narration: another great tool—the paintbrush or airbrush tool.

slide 5


Slide 6

The elements slide out in equal time—photo fades out.

The narration: many options available to you in paint, fill, and edit modes.

Image not online.


Slide 7 of 1

The elements slide out in equal time.

The narration: drag and press to create curved segments.

slide 7 of 1


Slide 7 of 2

The top layer comes in after the original elements, fades out. It slides from left to right across the screen.

slide 7 of 2


Slide 8 of 1

The elements slide in and out.

The narration: variations...another way to make color corrections.

slide 8 of 1


Slide 8 of 2

The top photo has special effects used in the transition.

Image not online.


Slide 9 of 1

The narration: the various key features.

slide 9 of 1


Slide 9 of 2

The layer uses special effects in the transition.

Image not online.


Slide 9 of 3

The collage fades in and fades out on the word image.

Image not online.


Slide 10 of 1

The text slides in and out.

slide 10 of 1


Slide 10 of 2

Special effect used in fade then to pond ripple.

Image not online.


Slide 10 of 3

The 1-800 number appears on screen.

The narration: call 1-800-67P-hoto to order.

Image not online.

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