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Information Architect Specialist / User Experience Designer


Hard-Copy Portfolios

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Hard-Copy Portfolios & Projects

Senior Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer (UXD), User/Design Researcher, Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Tester, Director

Professional Work Experience

Hard-copy portfolios and current projects are representative samples from professional work experience derived from:

User/design research, Information Architect (IA), user experience design, navigation systems design (NS), interaction design, use case scenarios, user scenarios, personas, site maps, user experience architecture, visual and Web-based designs, design/user research, concept generation, brainstorming events, interface design, wire frame mockups, mapping and diagramming, structure and hierarchy, taxonomy, Internet design and technology, Website design and management, user-centered design, usability testing, heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs, human factors, human-computer interaction, social media, marketing, press kits, e-learning, corporate training, instructional design, and the ADDIE model.

MAEd Dissertation User/Design Research Information Architecture
Usability Testing; User-Centered Design; IA/UXD Deliverables

MAEd Information Architecture; Online Tutorial & Presentations

MAIA Dissertation User/Design Research Information Architecture
Navigational Systems Design; Heuristic Evaluations; IA/UXD Deliverables

MAIA Information Architecture; Online Tutorial & Presentations

User/Design Research

The research on both dissertations also extended into relevant topics:

User/design research, task analysis, user-centered design, card sorting, taxonomy, use case scenarios, user experience design, user experience architecture-design, interaction design, navigation systems design, interface design, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, visual and Web-based designs, IA/UXD deliverables from projects, wire frame mockups, mapping and diagramming, site maps, Web design, project/product management, and usability testing.

Other areas include vocational training and relevant skills:

Technical and professional writing, Web content development and writing, editing, team writing, document design, user/design research and evaluation field trips, FrameMaker, graphic design, typography, drawing, photography, product design, collage design, exhibit design, signage design, art direction, information architect and experience design direction, photography, multimedia, voiceovers, videography; and

Creative writing, writing for books, white papers, FTP, HTML5, CSS3, HTML coding from scratch, Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, FreeHand, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver); internships successfully completed, and multiple team projects.


Hard-Copy Portfolios & Projects

Professional Work Experience

My portfolios are proof of professional work experience for current user/design research, information architect (IA), user experience design (UXD), interaciton design (IXD) management, and usability testing, from real-world projects. Many projects are derived from work done with clients, including many letters of recommendations.

hard-copy portfolios

Steven Heitman
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Project Manager

Quote from Mr. Hule’s LinnkedIn Endorsement

 Steven [ Heitman ] is an expert researcher, user experience designer, information architect, and navigation systems designer. His skills extend largely and deeply into information architecture, navigation systems design, usability testing, user-centered design principles and application, mentoring, managing, and effectively directing. Being naturally a self-starter and able to work without supervision, he gets projects done without a problem. Steven is able to build and lead teams, successfully envision successful design solutions, deploy excellent design-architect strategies that encompass various phases of design research, efficient prototyping (paper based or using Axure), HTML5/CSS3 coding, insightful leadership skills, including significant usability testing application and expertise. Steven’s undergraduate-level and graduate-level degrees in information architecture, user experience design, management has indeed completely prepared him for specific work in his chosen industry. His many years of design research in information architecture, user-centered design experience, and original design research are an asset to any potential employer. Because he is an expert with an excellent track record, he will go far in his chosen career path as an information architect, user experience designer, and director of user experiences. 
Mr. Hule, B.A. (Mathematics & Computer Science)
Lead Software Quality Assurance Analyst at FindLaw/Thomson Reuters

Quote from Mr. Ng’s LinnkedIn Endorsement

 Steven [ Heitman ] is a wonderful person. He taught me lots of great stuff about User Experience Design (UXD), User Information (UI), and Information Architecture (IA). I’ve known him for a few years. He is very detail oriented, and he helped me on reviewing my portfolio. I do recommend Steven as being an expert in User Interface Design, User Experience Design, and a solid Information Architect
Mr. Ng, B.A., Cert. (Digital Communication; Media/Multimedia)
Account Management Specialist at TechSoup Global

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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Project Manager