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IA/UXD Projects

Age Wage Project—

Age Wave, Emeryville, CA
Information Architect (IA), Project Manager; Consultant (Fastek Technical Services, Pleasanton, CA): MAIA Program

My Role & Client Deliverables

Information architecture
Project management
Graphic design
Art direction,
Research and development
Case study
User scenarios
Wire frame mockups
Flow chart/site map
Web design production (GoLive, BBEdit)
HTML coding
Coordinating events
Client presentations
Brainstorming with group
Templates for production
IA not responsible for maintaining client’s Website

IA/UXD Services

Age Wave needed to have information architecture and interaction design developed for their Website.

It was a business-to-business Website.

Great team to work on—project was successfully completed.

The challenge was to develop extensive and fresh concepts under time constraints. The project was a paid work experience for approximately 3-4 months, at the end of completing the MAIA program and graduating.

Due to technologies, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, not everything can be presented here.

IA Deliverables

I was the information architecture and project manager.

I used Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, ImageReady to create digital documents, working online prototypes. I created rollovers in ImageReady and did slicing in ImageReady.

I did rapid prototyping and developed working online models to explore various possible IA design solutions, including IA¬†research, site map, user interface design, and wire frame mockups (online prototypes). IA deliverables were developed and produced—successfully completed.

The main navigational system was incorporated into their site (bar at the top of the Web page with tabs). Many of my IA concepts were incorporated into their Website.


IA Structure

Consistent navigational systems were included on each Web page, including a site map. The content structure was organized around needs of end users (derived from design research), incorporating user-design principles into the overall Website design.

Rapid Prototyping

AWI rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

AWI rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

AWI rapid prototyping

User-Centered Design

Consistent navigational systems enable end user to better wayfind through Website, including consistent interface design. This provides quick and easy access to end users.

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