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Extracurricular Activities—
Classical Piano Performance Preparation—
Leschetizky to Raab

The Juilliard School


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Let me tell you about my story, about being a pianist. My primary piano performance Professor was Wanda Krasoff. She was recommended by Josef Hofmann to study with Professor Alexander Raab. He studied at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, and his Professor was Leschetizky. He was also good friends with Brahms in Vienna (my Professor showed me the original photo at a piano lesson).

My Professor Krasoff was endorsed by Arthur Rubinstein. I also studied with many other excellent classical piano performance Professors, including my mother—The Juilliard School.

Review of My Piano Performance Professor—New York Debut

Wanda Krasoff, Pianist and Professor:

 Her interpretations commanded respect for their general musicianship and efficiency. Miss Krasoff left no doubt she is an accomplished artist and a fine musician. 
Reviewed by Harold C. Schonberg, The New York Times

Review of My Piano Performance Professor—New York Debut

Sari Biro, Pianist and Professor:

 Sari Biro must be reckoned among the foremost women exponents of the keyboard of the time. 
Reviewed by The New York Times

Review of My Piano Performance from My Mother

Mary Heitman, Pianist and Professor:

 Today your piano playing sounds like Horowitz. 
Reviewed by Mary Heitman, Pianist and Professor

If you desire to learn more about me, this is a fuller version of my biography, classical piano background, Professors, and what I do as a pianist. Many of my ideas about classical piano performance were influenced and formed by The Juilliard School, by my Professors (primary Professor, Wanda Krasoff), by my mother, and by Arthur Rubinstein.

Pianist Biography

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