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IA/UXD Projects

SFSU Project—

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Information Architect (IA), Project Manager; Intern: ID&T Cert. Program

My Role & Client Deliverables

Information architecture
Project management
Research and development
Case study
User scenarios
Wire frame mockups
Flow chart/site map
Client presentations
Brainstorming with group
IA not responsible for maintaining client’s Website

IA/UXD Services

Proposal, case study, and IA deliverables were successfully accomplished for project.

Current Website has huge information architecture problems as well as inconsistent interface design.

Did a competitive analysis by auditing 3 different Websites.

Industry descriptions of all competitors are included in case study.

Research and development, including Website audit provided framework for recommended redesign of information architecture.

Great team to work on—project was successfully completed.

Due to technologies, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality, not everything can be presented here.

IA Structure

The main navigational system consists of ten main categories that are included on every Web page in the Website for consistent information architecture and easy navigation for end users.

About SFSU
Libraries and information technology
Services and goods
Working at SFSU

Other Sub Categories for Local Navigational Systems

Top student sites
A-Z index of Websites
People finder
Site map
Advanced search
Miscellaneous links
Campus events
Campus news


Flow Chart/Site Map

SFSU flow chart

Wire Frame Mockup

SFSU wire frame mockup

Wire Frame Mockup

SFSU wire frame mockup

Wire Frame Mockup

SFSU wfm_1

Wire Frame Mockup

SFSU wire frame mockup

User-Centered Design

The main categories are arranged to enable the end user to wayfind, so that the end user can find information on the SFSU Website. Miscellaneous links are also helpful in finding sub categories on the Website.

The campus news and campus events keeps everyone updated on current happenings. The SFSU Website does not have any consistent information architecture or use consistent SFSU logos on they Website or subsites.

The solution is to implement consistent information architecture as well as consistent interface designs, including doing additional usability testing.

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Steven Heitman
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