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Summary of
Thesis Report

An Online Tutorial for Digital-Media Designers
to Learn about Web Navigational Systems

Online NS Tutorial


Navigational Systems and Information Architecture provide structure; they are used within a Website, a Web page, and a subsite—to provide a clear path of navigation in which the end user may move about in cyberspace without getting lost.

Web-based research revealed that the end user may find himself lost and may experience extreme bouts of puzzlement while online. The reason effective Navigational Systems and Information Architecture need to be designed for any Website….

The methodology that was used to research this Thesis Report on Information Architecture included: a review of Information Architecture related literature, field activities relevant to Information Architecture, exploration and review of fifteen online Websites (heuristic evaluations)….

The Model contains nine sections. The Model of Seven Commonly Used Navigational Systems (The NS Model) relevant to Information Architecture….


  1. Hierarchical Navigational Systems,
  2. Global Navigational Systems,
  3. Local Navigational Systems,
  4. Integrated Navigational Systems,
  5. Remote Navigational Systems,
  6. Ad Hoc Navigational Systems, and
  7. Search Engines in Websites.

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