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Information Architecture (IA) & User Experience Design Components—Various Aspects to Design

This extended the research for the MAEd Thesis Report, and the various components or layers of information architecture and design, including user experience design.

This also included researched data on the current trends and “best practices” in information architecture and design; the twenty-one aspects or components of information architecture and user experience design.

According to research, current trends in information architecture, and user-centered design “best practices,” current trends are leaning towards the idea that a systematic approach works better. With regard to information architecture and current trends, many different aspects of information architecture are relevant to the professional information architect practitioner.

These components or layers of information architecture should be taken into consideration, as components to user-centered design and usability. Current trends: Information architecture, “best practices” in usability testing—the creative information architecture model—The IA Model.

Introduction: different aspects of information architecturedesign approach and process:
  1. Current trends in using The IA Model;
  2. Relevancy of navigational systems to information architecture;
  3. Different types of navigational systems for Websites—part of information architecture;
  4. Sense-making and wayfinding on Websites—part of information architecture;
  5. Information architecture and user-centered design;
  6. User experience architecture—part of information architecture;
  7. Website design architecture—part of information architecture;
  8. Web indexing, Internet indexing—part of information architecture;
  9. Enterprise architecture for e-commerce—part of information architecture;
  10. Human-computer interaction and human factors—part of information architecture;
  11. Graphic design, interface design, and typography—part of information architecture;
  12. Information design—part of information architecture;
  13. Information systems—part of information architecture;
  14. Information graphics—part of information architecture;
  15. Process architecture—part of information architecture;
  16. Taxonomy and information architecture—part of information architecture;
  17. AJAX and CSS—part of information architecture;
  18. Web 2.0 technologies—part of information architecture;
  19. What does an information architect and design research practitioner do for corporations? About: The IA Model and systematic approach on user-centered design, user experience design (where the focus is only on the end user and their behaviors, making the design centered around what a human needs for using a Website or apps), projects, products, usability testing, and design;
  20. Unique design products require information architecture, navigational systems, user experience architecture and design, and user-centered design; and
  21. Conclusion: infinite possibilities for information architecture.
The final MAEd Thesis Report was 759 pp., including the annotated Bibliography (82 pp.), Glossary (46 pp.), and Syllabus (10 pp.). It also included a 60 pp. online tutorial about The IA Model. Therefore, the final page count was 759 pp. for the entire MAEd Thesis Report, online tutorial about The IA Model, and other required documents.

Additional research on: design research, case studies, information architecture, navigation systems design, interaction design, user experience design, interface design, Web design, and experience derived from real-world projects was included from the MAIA Thesis Report.

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