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Professional Qualifications

General education
Languages: German, French (elementary proficiency)
Gourmet cooking
A California Distinguished School
Classical piano performance, Juilliard instructors
Piano performance professor endorsed by Arthur Rubinstein

Lynbrook High School, San Jose, California

High Participation Required


High School Diploma
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The values held by Lynbrook’s community—commitment to family, involvement in the schools, a belief in the importance of education, and high academic expectations—are directly responsible for the school’s excellent standing.

For its part, Lynbrook works hard to meet the needs of its community, and the success of the school’s efforts is evident in the serene, safe and attractive campus; sophisticated approach to technology; collaborative faculty and staff; and extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. Lynbrook’s API (2009) is one of the highest in the state of California.

Lynbrook High School logo

The school has been named a California Distinguished School five times, most recently in 2007, and in 2008 Lynbrook was one of 54 high schools nationwide to be recognized as a No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon School. In addition to these significant benchmarks of excellence, our students, teachers and programs have earned a vast range of awards and recognitions at the local, state and national level. Such excellence is enabled by the strong partnerships between the school, district, students, parents, community and an enthusiastic, caring and highly dedicated staff strongly committed to meeting the community’s expectations.

The program required high participation, completing projects on time, and punctuality. A very competitive high school to attend and graduate from, the values taught and high expectations teach students to use critical thinking skills and to be competitive.

Also, I used to take German School every Saturday. Spending a lot of time on classical piano performance, trying to learn as many new things as possible. I think the value of this program taught me to have more confidence in myself.

In reality, I could do anything I wanted to do in life. Of course, my mom was of great assistance in helping me with studying and practicing all the time. She encouraged me to spend more time hitting the books in school. But I encouraged myself to spend more time prepping scales and arpeggios for Juilliard and doing classical piano performance. She also encouraged me to always strive to be the best that I could be. I appreciate all her help.

High School Diploma Program.pdf

Steven Heitman, Sr. Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager

Steven Heitman
Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Project/Product Manager


Introduction to the Lynbrook High School Program


Food Network
Ina Garten ( Barefoot Contessa )
Bobby Flay
Anne Burrell
Anne Burrell ( Facebook )
Racheal Ray
Ree Drummon ( The Pioneer Woman )
Le Cordon Bleu

In high school, I studied French cuisine and took a few courses at the school in San Francisco (now the Le Cordon Bleu). I was also inspired and taught by a neighbor—in grade school and junior high school—a French chef from France. He grew up in the restaurant business and a professional chef. I learned basic techniques for cooking French cuisine, making sauces, knife skills, shopping skills, about French wines and regions, learning by doing in the kitchen (sometimes I feel like a cupcake; I can have my cake and eat it, too).

Lynbrook High School excellence in education!

Previously, my grandmother taught me how to cook. Out of self-defense, because my mother could not cook to save her life, I learned how to cook for myself. I also enjoy Italian rustic country cooking. One should be familiar with many different cultures and different types of cuisine. I especially enjoy Latin, Jewish, Chinese, Thai, and Indian foods. I am very intrigued by Indian food and all the different preparations, and the spices used in preparing Indian food.

I also do pastry and baking (measuring dry/wet ingredients accurately are required for baking right), since dessert is an essential part of any good meal. Learning and reading from cookbooks is always an inspiration, which I do all the time to keep my culinary ideas fresh and up to date.

I like to develop big and bold and sophisticated flavors that keep my dishes tasting good all the time. Flavor profiles are the most important components to cooking and presentation. We all eat with our eyes first.

Lynbrook High School excellence in education!

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Steven Heitman
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Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Project/Product Manager

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