IA Design & Usability: Steven Heitman, Sr. User/Design Researcher, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager, Mentor, Usability Expert/Testing, Director

Sr. User/Design Researcher / Information Architect Specialist

User Experience Designer


Professional Qualifications

Undergraduate Degrees
College of Liberal & Creative Arts
School of Design Undergraduate Program
Graphic Design Department

Bachelor of Arts Industrial Arts 

User/Design Research (UX), Information Architecture (IA),
   Usability Testing, User-Centered Design,
   User Experience Design (UXD), Project/Product Management

BAIA Deliverables

The BAIA unversity program included:

User/Design Research, Written Thesis Report on HTML and HTML coding requirements, and Presentations; experience, user research, and work included from real-world projects; about information architecture, navigation systems design, interaction design, extended into user experience design, mapping and diagramming, project/product management, and usability testing—a systematic and professional approach on IA/UXD projects, including internships.

 Design is an expression of the purpose, and it may (if it is good enough) later be judged as art; design depends largely on constraints and it is a method of action (there are always constraints and these usually include ethic). 

BAIA Undergraduate-Level Dissertation

HTML Editors—Their Practical Use in Web Design

41 pp.
Multiple presentations, final project, portfolio development

User/Design Research
Design Patterns
User-Centered Design
Usability Testing
Curriculum specific to Information Architecture & Design

BAIA Program Details

About BAIA & BFA Programs.pdf
Gist of Graphic Design History.pdf
Gist of Universal Principles of Design.pdf
Gist of Typographic Design.pdf
IA/UXD Focus for BAIA Program.pdf
Letters of Recommendations—Reviews

Steven Heitman, Sr. Information Architect (IA) Specialist, User Experience Designer, Project/Product Manager

Steven Heitman
Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Project/Product Manager

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic Design, 3D Visual Dynamics, Art History, Drawing

BFA Deliverables

The BFA college program included:

Producing multiple graphic design and typography projects; doing graphic design and typography research and concept ideation, brainstorming on multiple projects; extensive work doing fine arts, illustrations, and photography for drawing projects, working in the drawing studio; multiple 3D design research and visual dynamic projects; various field research trips to infamous graphic design and exhibit design firms and museums, including a thorough study of art history and the application on graphic design projects; designing graphic design projects from the inception to the final completion of design projects; and, a variety of graphic design, typography, drawing portfolios successfully completed, professional graphic design critiques, and presentations.

 Universal clarity of communication is the crux of graphic design. 

Interdisciplinary University Programs

Information Architecture & Design (Combined Programs)

Primary Major/Emphasis:

User/Design Research (UX), Information Architecture (IA), Navigation Systems Design (NS), User Experience Design (UXD), Structuring & Organizing Web-Based Information, Mobile User Experience, Interaction Design (IXD), User-Centered Design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human Factors, Visual & Web-Based Designs, Intranet Information Architecture, Designing Complex Applications & Websites, Interface Design, Social Media, Web 2.0, Computer/Web Programming, HTML5/CSS3, Usability Engineering, Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Usability in Practice, Guidelines for Web Usability, Usability Reports/Case Studies, Website Design & Management, and Project/Product Management; internships successfully completed.

BAIA Other Concentration

Graphic Design

Secondary Major/Emphasis:

Graphic Design, Graphic Design History, Typography, Color Theory, Animation, Multimedia, Product Design, Adobe Creative Suite; Drafting and Sketching, Technical Writing, Technical Communications.

BAIA Program

San Francisco State University
College of Liberal & Creative Arts
School of Design Undergraduate Program

Graduated Cum Laude

Award: Epsilon Pi Tau, Honorary for Professions in Technology
Award: Golden Key National Honor Society (Outstanding Scholastic Achievement and Excellence)

BAIA Program Impaction

Design majors are impacted. Entrance into the majors is a selective and competitive process. Both the BAIA and BFA programs are selective and competitive process for applicants.

BAIA Professional Business Career Outlook

User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Architect
User Experience Designer
Navigation Systems Designer
User-Centered Designer
Product Designer
Product Prototyper
Interaction Designer
Interface Designer
Graphic Designer
Collage Designer
Game Designer
Signage Designer
Exhibition Designer
Multimedia/Animation Designer
Research Technician
Technical Writer
Quality Control
Mid to Upper Management
Project/Product Management
Product Development
Field Service
Technical Services
Job Development Training
Production Coordinator
Computer/Web Programming
Usability Tester
Information Technology

BFA Professional Business Career Outlook

Graphic Designer
Corporate Identity/Branding
Graphic Design Research
Upper Management
Project/Product Management
Design Management
Product Development

BFA Graphic Design Learning Outcomes


Graphic design and typographical concept and process; form and craft in a designed context; apply critical systems-thinking and context and extensive review and critique; presentation and application appropriate for audiences; graphic designers can present their work in a clear and convincing manner, to design and non-design audiences.

Graphic designers can document their work effectively; graphic designers can answer questions about their work effectively; graphic designers can critique the work of others effectively; graphic designers can apply design knowledge, skills, and process; and, as a functional knowledge of professional design practices and protocols.

CCA Recommended Reading.pdf

BFA Program

California College of the Arts
Graphic Design Department

Completed 4 courses: Graphic design, 3D visual dynamics, art history, drawing—reviewed first—received highest A.

BFA Program—Curriculum

 It is one of the premier fine arts and design institutions in the United States and a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), a consortium of thirty-six leading art schools in the United States and Canada. CCA [California College of the Arts, Graphic Design Department] is also widely regarded as one of the leading art and design institutions in the world. 

BAIA Program—Curriculum

The program is designed for students who want to pursue professional work in design firms, teaching, project management, strategic planning for design firms, or management roles in technology. We emphasize problem-solving competencies, both conceptual and practical. Students in the program study visual communication design and product design with an interdisciplinary perspective. Based upon focused research into a chosen design problem, students develop a specialized area of study in graphic design/visual communication design, [information architecture/ user experience design/interaction design], product design/manufacturing, industrial technology, project management, [product management], or digital media. Many students prepare for doctoral work at other institutions. 

Portfolios Required

BAIA Additional Information

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Steven Heitman
IA Design & Usability

Sr. User/Design Researcher
Information Architect
User Experience Designer
Interaction Designer
User-Centered Designer
Usability Tester
Project/Product Manager

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